Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Season’s Greetings
This tutorial is entirely my design (GlitterDeb), any resemblance to any other is purely coincidence.
Supplies Used:
Scrap kit used is PTU Winter Wishes from The Creative Box, thanks so much for letting me use this awesome kit.
Tube of choice. I used the art of Creo Creddies from
Mask used was: Candyass_seasons greetings mask 1.
Be sure to save often so you don’t lose your work.
Start out by opening a new canvas of 600 x 600, will resize later.
Copy and paste paper of choice as new layer, I used paper 12 from the kit.
Open your mask in Paint Shop, go to Layers, new mask layer, from image.
Merge group.
Drop shadow used throughout:
Open up BFK_frame2, copy and paste as new layer. Resize by 150%.
Take your magic wand, and while on frame layer click inside the frame. Go to Selections, modify, expand by 12.
Copy and paste paper BFK_12.
Selections, invert, delete key on keyboard, select none.
Place this layer under the frame layer.
Copy and paste tube as new layer and place on top of paper but under the frame. If tube is too big resize.
Open BFK_wrap3 and copy and paste as new layer. Enlarge by 115% and place at the bottom of the frame.
Add your drop shadow to frame, tube and ribbon.
Open up BFK_ball1. Copy and paste as new layer. Resize to 40%. Copy and paste ball as new layer twice. Place balls in the lower left corner, arrange to your liking. Rotate one ball right 45, and one left 65. Add your drop shadow.
Open up BFK_flower3. Copy and paste as new layer. Resize to 50. Copy and paste as new layer 1 time. Place in upper right hand corner or to your liking. Add drop shadow.
Add your copyright and watermark if used.
Merge all. Resize to 85%. Save here for your template.
Add name in lower right corner, or to your liking. I used the font:
Roselyn size 48
Stroke 1
Foreground color: Black
Background color: #f1899b
Save and your done.
I hope that you have enjoyed my tut.

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