Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hello Everybody

Hello everyone, and welcome to Glitter's Spot. I have just joined the world of bloggers. LOL
I discovered the world of PSP a little over a year ago and joined several groups and started requesting tags from those groups. I really like the diversity of the different artists out there and I was amazed by how the taggers would take those artists work and create signature tags with them. So I became a Siggy Piggy and requested everything that I could. A junkie was created.
I started to get the itch to try my hand at making these wonderful tags but I could not afford the program for it. Then a wonderful friend in one of my groups gave me the program, thanks so much Yvonne, and I started learning how to operate it.
Another wonderful friend help me with easy animations, thanks so much Lisa.
This was at the beginning of June of this year. I started making tags, at first I just put things together, and some of them were rather ugly. Then I discovered that there were tutorials out there to help you with making tags, so I tried following them. But most of the tuts out there were for people who already had a working knowledge of PSP and it was so confusing to me. Especially the tuts for animation, I was totally lost. But I kept at it, and tried different things, and eventually I got the hang of it. I remember one particularly hard animated tut that I wanted to try, but I just couldn't get the hang of it. It just wouldn't turn out right, but everyone kept encouraging me so I kept trying. Eventually I figured out what I was doing wrong and the tag turned out beautifully.
There is still so much to learn and I learn something new everyday. I started making better and better tags. So I tried to make some tags out of my own imagnation and got pretty good at that. I had lots of requests for my tags, which really boosted my morale.
Then I found the add from The Creative Box looking for tut writers. On a whim I decided to send in some samples of my work and I was accepted. I was really surprised and thankful that they decided to take a chance on me. So I have ventured into the world of tutorial writing. I have finished my first tutorial and I think that it turned out rather well, but then again I am biased. LOL I hope to continue writing tuts and I hope that others can enjoy them as well.
This is where I will post my tuts, so keep a watch out for them. I hope that you enjoy using the tuts as much as I enjoy writing them.
Thanks for checking out my spot.


Jenny said...

hey Deb!!
r u the same glitterdeb from DTD? on msn groups..glad to have you here hun awesome job with the tuts..I just started writing them too..
my blog:
my tut site:

GlitterDeb said...

Yeah, I am the same GlitterDeb from DTD. What is your screen name there? I have done more tags of my own design but I haven't written tuts for them. Guess I should do that. I will bookmark your blog also. Thanks for visiting my site.